New Book

How I asked and got raises as an employee, how I created my business and made it profitable in its first quarter, how I became international in the first year...


What I know, I learned by doing.


And now I want to share that hard-earned wisdom with you. I'll share the detailed blueprint and insider's tips that will make your career a success.

  • Employee? You'll learn the framework to show your employer how valuable you are and to confidently initiate the conversation about getting that raise.
  • First-time entrepreneur? No more confusion, know what essentials to focus on, so that your business can survive its teething pains and grow to be a healthy source of profit.
  • Been in business for a while? Strengthen the foundations of your business and get ready for the next challenge from a place of deeply rooted stability.

Whether you want exponential growth or income autopilot, you'll learn the real rules for making more money - the tried-and-tested, in-the-trenches principles that work...

... No matter where the economy is at

... No matter where you're starting from

... No matter where you want to go!


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