From Chapter 1 of The Savvy Guide to Making More Money


You have the power to change your future


There is one last barrier that I need to address, and it is a big one. Ponder this. Isn't it incredible that there is such an enormous weight-loss industry, given that we all know how to lose weight - eat less and exercise more? Yet we pay inordinate sums of money in the hope that we can find the secret to weight loss.


I decided to lose some weight myself a couple of years ago, and I learned a lot about nutrition and the psychology of eating. I adopted strategies to measure and manage my eating. I developed ways of incorporating exercise into my day. However, none of that would have made a blind bit of difference if I hadn't acted on all of that knowledge. There wasn't a single coach or instructor in the world who could help me get a fitter, leaner, healthier body if I wasn't willing to swap carbs for protein and get my heart pumping.


As I was writing this book, many people would laughingly say to me, 'Do you have a treasure map in there that will bring me to the money tree?' There is nothing that I can present to you on a velvet pillow that will miraculously change your money-making ability.


However, there is massive monetizing power within your own hands - and I'm here to help you harness it.


Many of you reading these words haven't tapped into your revenue-generating power as of yet, for any number of reasons. Perhaps you didn't know how, or you needed a framework, or you were waiting for a push in the right direction, or you were at a different stage in your life, or you believed that it would all happen in the future. These are all perfectly legitimate, acceptable reasons.


However, please remember that the responsibility now lies with you. I have poured time, effort, my life's experience and all that I can offer you at this stage into these pages. I'm handing the baton to you. You'll have to take it up and finish the race yourself.


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