Investing in the financial markets: a primer


There is a lot of weak or downright erroneous information out there about what it means to properly invest in the financial markets (the bond market and the stock market).


Too often, people confuse investing with speculating. Investing isn't half as mysterious as most people make it to be, it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg in stockbroker's fees, and it's not just for adrenaline junkies. In fact, it's not for adrenaline junkies at all: as I often say, investing is as fascinating as watching paint dry!


But investing, when done properly, can hold the key to a better return than cash deposits. So if you want to make that hard-earned money increase and multiply, start your education with the three reports and the video suite below.

Investing: First Foundations (1.11 MB)Investing: First Foundations (1.11 MB)

Investing Strategy Report (929.6 KB)Investing Strategy Report (929.6 KB)

Investing in Bonds Report (2.94 MB)Investing in Bonds Report (2.94 MB)


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